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Fretting the Small Stuff – Ukulele Jim (****)

Fretting the Small Stuff by Ukulele Jim (James Clarke) plays out like a Greatest Hits album. From the very first song – Go Along to Get Along – you feel you are meeting a familiar friend. As you settle down, getting comfortable in your favorite couch, sipping your favorite whiskey, the songs that follow just add to the mood.

His breezy tunes combined with lyrics that range from humorous to personal keep you hanging on and waiting for the next song. Full credit to Jim for not letting the pace drop for the length of the album and you are just as happy at the last song as you were when the first one started up.

There is no doubt that Jim is a special musician with a lot of offer. I have not any of Jim’s other albums, so I wonder if he is really pushing the envelope enough since the songs seem so effortless and almost perfect. I will reserve my judgment on whether he is a Paul Simon or Daniel O’Donnell till I hear something more from him. Until then, I will listen to Fretting over and over again because it is truly a beautiful album.

The album is available for pre-order at his website ( and costs USD 9.99.

That, if anything, is the only complaint I have about the album. At 9.99 I can pick up any album at a music store. While we don’t want our music for free, I guess it is safe to say that an artist who doesn’t have to split the take with a record company can pass on some of that benefit to the listener.


One comment on “Fretting the Small Stuff – Ukulele Jim (****)

  1. Ukulele Jim
    October 13, 2011

    Thanks for the nice review! The digital album is actually only $7 on my website… it’s the CD that’s $9.99, but you also get the digital download with it so it’s not such a bad deal.

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