Radio Maverick

new artists + new music = fresh sound


Toe the Line Barefaced   Liar
Prayer of the Saints My   Heart’s Cry
Alleviate Moving   Mountains
Get Me Outta Here/Crave HipKnosis
Pretender Ashtree
Cackle Gowri
Going Home Marc   Broussard
Now or Never Stars   Go Dim
Neil Young Trent   Dabbs
1000 Men Like Cigarettes Dolly   Varden
Just a Boy Minelli   Pinto


2 comments on “#66

  1. Sridhar
    November 20, 2012

    Came here from hydchat and was pleasantly suprised – nice music! ‘refreshing’ is actually the right word for it – really great effort compiling this.

    • Vinay Antony Payyapilly
      November 20, 2012

      Thank you for the kind words Sridhar. I am glad you enjoyed the music. Stay tuned, more good music every week. 🙂

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